Folk-art Specialist

We are seeking someone experienced in folk-art, pottery, and ceramics. Applicants must be familiar in handling classes for children and adolescents. Call today for more information.


Open art  studio

For those who want to create art, open studios are an excellent choice. With so many choices, it's a great way to think about how to choose and use art materials. Art professors and students are ready to exchange ideas and techniques in open studios, where communication is easier.

Blue elephant art foundation

Center for child empowerment

Children while making art experiences: self-satisfaction, strong interpersonal bonds, mind–brain development, improved perceptual discrimination, language acquisition, enhance self-esteem, constructive gratification, organizes thoughts and experience, compensates missing feeling, provide alternative communication, and provide the kind of fine experience that produces feelings of psychological growth and makes life, over-all, more worth living. We believe in encouraging their natural curiosity.